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NeoGeo.lv team is a group of curious minds that wants to look at our world from a different, previously unseen perspective. This new perspective will allow you to see many things and events in a way that the ordinary becomes interesting, myths turn into truths, and rumors into lies.
We will combine geography with events, economy with history, maps with facts, and forecasts with analytical thinking.
We want this to be a place where you can not only gain but also contribute.


All information and materials placed on the website, including articles, images, vector maps, etc., belong to their respective authors. Materials may be copied and downloaded for personal use only, without commercial content or intent.

Reproduction without coordination and reference is strictly prohibited. All data placed on the website is for informational purposes only and is to be used for awareness, educational, and informational purposes.
The editorial team does not assume responsibility for potential discrepancies between the information and the actual situation.

The editorial team does not take responsibility for the information posted by portal users. By posting a comment, the author acknowledges agreement with the commenting rules, assumes responsibility for its content, and undertakes not to make any claims against the editorial team regarding the editing or deletion of comment content.

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