Ukraine War Maps

In early 2015, informed its readers about the article “Ukraine’s Occupied Territories and Military Operations Maps” (, where they visually depicted the beginning of Russia’s occupation and the extent of the occupied territories in a geographically understandable manner.

Maps are the best means to clearly show all ongoing military activities in the area of conflict. In this article, created 10 years after the start of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, NeoGeo aims to show its readers publicly available websites where they can obtain cartographic information about the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.


The most comprehensive, detailed, and interactive cartographic information can be obtained on the DeepStateMap website (

This map allows for:

  1. Zooming in and out;
  2. Switching between layers (satellite imagery or topographic map);
  3. Measuring distance and area;
  4. Changing the date to view the situation at that time;
  5. Viewing the deployment of Russian forces and the direction of their attacks.

Such cartographic information on the DeepStateMap interactive map has been accumulated since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The information is updated daily and is highly reliable.

Institute for the Study of War

Another reliable and authoritative cartographic resource is the Institute for the Study of War’s (ISW) interactive Ukraine-Russia War map (

This map shows:

  1. Russian-occupied territories;
  2. Ukrainian-deoccupied territories;
  3. Territories of Ukrainian partisan activities;
  4. Russian military defensive lines. The Institute for the Study of War regularly updates the map and provides extensive analytical information about the ongoing frontlines.

BBC Maps

As a third cartographic resource, NeoGeo recommends the BBC’s prepared cartographic reports ( These BBC reports and maps are not regular and interactive, but are created with some interval and visually depict and describe changes on the frontline. The maps here are more schematic in nature.

In thoughts and deeds, we are together with Ukraine!

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